Energy Drainers & Gainers Workshop POSTPONED

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Friday, March 27, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

cnagy tasting room

Come join us as we host life coach, Lisa Murray on Friday, March 27th 7:00pm-8:30pm for an evening of renewed clarity (clearing away the mental cobwebs) as she helps identify what are the energy drainers and gainers we have in our lives. And how to regain energy and purpose by removing unnecessary drainers and focusing on what really matters

When we speak of Energy drainers we are referring to those things (such as, activities, relationships, habits, etc) that drain you of your energy. These are items on your to-do list, cluttering your physical space, or any other things that you are dealing with that zap you of your precious energy. In coaching, there is a belief that by eliminating energy drainers we can replenish our energy levels by replacing with what really matters to us. 

Energy gainers are activities and habits that bring you joy. They might be daily or weekly habits that are fun or peaceful such as; exercise, meditation, time with friends or family (I even consider putting a fresh flower at my work station) - whatever brings a smile to your face or makes your heart jump for joy. We often have these things in our life but often get pushed aside by the energy drainers. As you replace energy drainers with things you enjoy you begin to live a more positive life. As you take care of energy drainers it leaves you time to choose energy gainers purposefully, thus live with and on purpose.

$20 per person includes a glass of wine. Reserve your spot on PayPal via the link below. $15 wine club members. Contact the tasting room 805.286.7228 or to get your wine discount.

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